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We are a law firm with deep roots in Georgia representing men and women in domestic relations disputes. Domestic relations actions include actions for divorce, alimony, equitable division of assets and liabilities, child custody, child support, legitimation, annulment, paternity actions, termination of parental rights in connection with adoption proceedings filed in superior court, contempt proceedings relating to enforcement of decrees and orders, petitions in respect to modification of decrees and orders, actions under the Family Violence Act, actions on foreign judgments based on alimony or child support, and adoptions. Domestic relations actions also include any direct or collateral attacks on judgments or orders entered in any such actions.

We have had a very strong presence in Gwinnett County, Georgia representing litigants in the prosecution of domestic relations cases. Our office in Lilburn, Georgia provides clients living in Gwinnett County easy access to high quality domestic representation.

Georgia law provides that the statutory procedure for annulment of marriages is available for any marriage which is now of hereafter declared void by law.

Representing Litigants in Divorce Actions in Lilburn, Georgia.  The general policy of the state has always been that the marriage contract, unlike other civil contracts, is the most important of all human transactions and the basis of the whole fabric of civilized society. Mosely v. Mosely , 67 Ga. 92, 96 (1881).

Representing Litigants in Contempt Actions in Lilburn, Georgia. All orders, judgments, and decrees commanding the payment of temporary alimony, attorney s fees and expenses of litigation, permanent alimony, payments in kind by a spouse, child support, or transfers of property, including child custody and visitation rights, may be enforced by action for contempt against the offending party.

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