Gwinnett County Divorce Forms

The requirements for filing a Complaint for Divorce are fairly straightforward, that is, if both your case and your life are not complicated.

Linked below are the documents you need to get divorced in Gwinnett County. Each document is in a PDF format so that it may be edited to fit the specific details of your case, mainly your name and case number.

Some of these documents come directly from the Gwinnett County Court Website; others are home made. They are all here because free stuff and porn is what the internet is all about.

You are welcome to download each of the forms, fill them out, and print them from your personal computer. If you don t download the documents you won t be able to save the changes. The changes to these documents cannot be saved on my website; download them first. We just don t have the technology to do it your way!


    Knowing that every case is different, under what circumstances will these forms work for me?
    Use these forms only if each of the following statements is true:

    1. You are a resident of Georgia.
    2. You have lived in Georgia for the past six (6) months.
    3. Your spouse is a resident of Gwinnett County.
    4. You want a divorce and you are not able to resolve your marital problems.
    5. You don t have any children.
    6. You don t own any real estate.
    7. Your spouse does not own any real estate.
    8. All your bills and debts are in your own name.
    9. All your spouse s bills and debts are in his/her name.
    10. All your bank accounts are in your own name.
    11. All your spouse s bank accounts are in his/her own name.
    12. Your spouse is willing to sign the paperwork to get a divorce.
    13. Your spouse agrees with all the terms of the divorce.
    14. You and your spouse are too cheap to hire an attorney.

    So, if each of the above statements is true, here are ALL THE FORMS needed to get divorced in Gwinnett County.

    Fill this one out.
    Domestic Relations Case Filing Information Form

    And this one.

    Yep, you need to fill this one out as well.
    Complaint for Divorce, No Kids

    This is the form that your spouse fills out.
    Acknowledgement of Service

    And this one both you and your spouse fill out.
    Agreement to Try at First Term

    You and your spouse need to fill this out.
    Sample Very Basic Settlement Agreement

    Don t forget this one.
    Mutual Restraining Order

    Relax, the Judge will fill this one out.
    Final Order and Decree of Divorce

    That s it.

    Finding Low Cost Legal Solutions
    The Law Office of Martin M. del Mazo is not generally a low cost legal solution. We do reserve the right to provide pro bono legal services to individuals when we deem it appropriate.
    By providing you with these forms we do not intend to create an attorney client relationship. None of your data is stored on our site.