Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Practice ( CP ) is a non-adversarial approach to resolving disputes without court intervention. Participants use a team of professionals to assist in achieving a healthy resolution unique to the circumstances of each case. In divorce cases, the spouses will engage in comforting and age-appropriate planning for their child or children, and learn the most effective use of the family s financial assets. Similarly, in other family law cases such as paternity, legitimation, partnership dissolutions, pre and post-nuptial agreements and modification or enforcement of court orders related to custody, child support, and visitation, the participants will engage in constructive discussions that create shared solutions acknowledging the highest priorities of everyone involved . In civil matters (link) such as probate and estate disputes, medical errors, and construction problems, the Collaborative Team of professionals will seek solutions that advance both parties interests in a mutually beneficial way. The win-lose mentality of litigation is avoided in favor of win-win solutions . In every case, each participant will have his or her own legal advocate and counseling professional to guide him or her through the process to achieve the goals that each participant has expressed. Through Collaborative Practice, you can divorce or resolve your dispute with dignity and without the pressure and uncertainties which accompany litigation.

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