Modification and Contempt

Learning the difference can be a painful process.  But simply put modification is Georgia Lawyer Assisting with Post-Judgment Modifications Did you recently get a new job and need to move out of state with your child? Has your teenage child expressed that he or she wants to live with the other parent? Has your income changed, making it difficult to pay child support or alimony? Does your work schedule or your child’s school schedule require a modification to your existing visitation plan?

Conditions change following a divorce or separation that may require modifying the original agreements on child custody, visitation, child support and alimony (spousal support). The law office of Martin M. del Mazo understands these situations and works hard to create new plans that better serve our clients’ situations.

What Are Some Reasons to Modify a Court Order? In Georgia, there must be a significant change in circumstances to modify an existing parenting plan, child support or alimony agreement, such as: Relocation/move-away : If the custodial parent needs to move to another city or state, a judge may find it in the best interest of the child to grant primary custody to the other parent. Material change in condition : Loss of job, a significant pay raise, birth of another child, remarriage and health conditions: these are all situations that can affect a person’s financial standing and may require child support or alimony modification. Child request to live with a different parent : At the age of 11, the wishes of a child may be taken into consideration in a request to modify custody and visitation. The court will interview the child and make the final determination on the outcome. At age 14, the child has the right to make an election as to which parent he or she lives. The election will be honored by the court except in rare circumstances. Change in work or school schedule : We can help modify a parenting time plan to better fit a parent’s work or child’s school schedule. Neglect or abuse : The neglect or abuse of a child by a parent presents an obvious need to modify an agreement. Our firm strives to makes these modifications through mediations and mutual agreement between the parties. If these are not successful, we will provide strong advocacy through litigation if necessary. We work swiftly to provide a favorable resolution on your behalf.

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