Understanding Child Support

How is chid support calculated in Georgia?

In 2007 the law regarding child support calculations in Georgia underwent a radical change. Prior to the 2007 changes you stood a fairly good shot of being able to figure out your child support obligation on the back of an envelope or an a cocktail napkin if an envelope wasn t handy. Today the Georgia courts use an income sharing approach to determine child support payments. A large number of factors are considered in making a child support determination. To make the calculations you are going to need your laptop loaded with Excel, a copy of the Official Code of Georgia, and arguably a law degree to make sure that the calculations are done in your best interest.
Naturally as attorneys, we are all ecstatic that what was once so clear is now hidden in algorithms so deep that the only thing that is certain is that no one in the Georgia Legislature actually understood the math that would be needed to arrive at a child support obligation before they passed the law. Proving the not so old political axiom, if you want to know the unintended consequences of the law you are just going to have to pass it. That’s an issue you can take up with your local representative at a future date. At the moment you will need a law firm that is familiar with the new system of calculations and how each judge applies them.

How does the Georgia Child Support Worksheet define the actual amount paid monthly?
The amount of current support being paid and averaged over a 12 month period as a result of a Preexisting Child Support Order that is supported by documentation including but not limited to, a payment history from a court clerk, a IV_D agency, the Child Support Services Agency computer date base, canceled checks or other written proof of payments paid directly to the other Parent. Amounts paid on arrears are not included.

What is the Adjusted Child Support Obligation?
Adjusted child support obligation means the basic child support obligation adjuster by health insurance and work related child care costs.

What is meant by Adjusted Income?
Adjusted income means the determination of a parent s monthly income, calculated by deducting from the parent s monthly gross income one-half of the amount of any applicable self-employment taxes being paid by the parent, any preexisting order for current child support which is being paid by the parent, and any theoretical child support order for other qualified children, if allowed by the court/

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Child Custody
Obviously, having your children become pawns in a heated domestic disputes is one of a responsible parent’s greatest fears. When a Divorce involves children, likely the most important issue is the custody of the children. The hope is that the divorcing parents can reach a resolution that is in the best interests of their children. Often, however, parents can have dramatically different ideas as to the appropriate arrangements for the children. In such a case, where both parties sincerely have the best interest of their children at heart, a divorcing spouse should consider being sensitive to the wishes of the objecting spouse for the sake of their children. Sometimes however, rather than a failure to see eye to eye on a particular issue, one parent is well, a hot mess, and the need to protect your child or children from further influence by the offending parent is to zealously fight to limit access the offending party’s access to your children.
Each family is different and the challenges each parent faces are unique. The resolution of child custody disputes is often complicated and the details can be very important in how your children transition through this very difficult time in their lives. Visit our guestbook. Our firm has experienced and knowledgeable attorneys who can assist you resolve child custody disputes. With more than 20 years of combined experience, the attorneys of The Law Offices of Martin M. del Mazo have helped parents find a solution to this difficult issue. We will help you find the resolution that is in the best interests of both you and your children.
Kids see things differently that adults.

There have been significant changes in the law since the 1970′s when courts routinely awarded one spouse periodic alimony payments that amounted to transfer payments of nearly half the payor’s future income. Although this type of award is not generally very common today the reason for this is more a matter of policy than law. As more couples hold down full time jobs the perceived need for alimony payments has diminished in some judges eyes. However, alimony is a big factor in many divorce proceedings especially where there is a significant income disparity between spouses or where children are involved. Visit our AskBee guestbook.
In Georgia, child support is a form of Alimony. Smith v. Smith, 254 Ga. 450, 451 (330 SE2d 706) (1985). For this reason the trial court is vested with significant powers governing awards of alimony.
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