Hourly Rates and Fees

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The Law Office of Martin M. del Mazo bills at an hourly rate of $250.00 for all legal services rendered in court and for all legal services rendered during the first 10 hours of representation. Each non-court hour after thereafter is billed at a rate of $150.00 per hour. For contested matters we require a retainer of between $1,500.00 to $3,500,00. Retainers are based on the complexity of the case and amount of time that Mr. del Mazo believes it will take to examine, evaluate investigate, and initiate litigation in a matter.

Prior to accepting representation Mr. del Mazo provides each potential client with a complete explanation of the factors that could effect the cost associated with litigation. Each client is provided a contract with a clear understanding of the basis upon which fees will be billed as well as the terms conditions of payment including disbursement schedules, anticipated billing expenses, and the amount customarily paid to third party services.

Please be aware that domestic litigation can become an arms race; keeping down the cost of litigation when the other-side (or other side s attorney) is determined to over-litigate often simple matters matters may become extremely expensive quickly; subject to these limitations you can feel confident that the price ranges we quote accurately will accurately reflect prior fees associated with our representation .   Family law judges are keenly aware of the problem of over litigating matters. You should realize that if one party attempts to outspend the other party, simply as a matter of strategy, the courts may not look favorably on such a tactic and may compel the offending party to pay the opposing party s attorneys fees; reason enough to encourage our client s to keep the cost of litigation under control.

Domestic Relations Fee Contract

The prices below are not the average cost of our domestic litigation fees but rather they indicate the most common charges associated with our representation.

Uncontested divorce No Kids, No Property, No Fault:
$450.00 $550

Collaborative divorce without children:
$1,000 $1,500

Collaborative divorce with children:
$2,500- $3,500

Collaborative divorce with substantial assets:
$5,000- $7,500

Modification of Child Support:

Modification of Custody:

Legitimation with Custody:

Temporary Protective Order:

Highly Contested Divorce with children, contested custody and substantial asset in disputes:
$15,000 $50,000

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